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Santane is proud to announce the completion of all Safety Engineering scopes for the Petrochemical project. Santane provided Design Safety Engineering support during the FEED (Front End Engineering Design) and EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) stages of this project.

This Side Cracker project was started in 2018 and included several Vendor packages and interfaces with the Main Cracker.

Santane conducted various studies like

  • HAZOP and LOPA Studies
  • SIL Verification Studies
  • Building Risk Assessments (BRA)

The purpose of these studies was:

  • To estimate the risk of hazardous impacts on plant buildings provided in Side Cracker plant caused by hazardous events (i.e. fire, unconfined vapour cloud explosion (UVCE) and toxic gas dispersion) which might occur due to release in Side Cracker (SC) plant.
  • To carry out hazard identification (qualitative) and consequence/frequency analysis (quantitative) for the major risk contributors from client modifications related to this project.
  • To determine the fire and blast design conditions of the plant buildings provided in the Side Cracker (SC), based on the risk analysis.

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