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Santane is currently working on a recently awarded project to review / update various studies like HAZOP/SIL Study for the 5-year cycle (completed) and to supplement the reviewed Studies for start-up, shutdown, and power outage regimes. This is a 3-year project which involves Santane teams from UK and Czech Republic.

The HAZOP study is to systematically and exhaustively identify potential safety, health & environmental hazards and operating problems for the Plant Facilities.

HAZOP study is primarily concerned with identifying hazards and operability problems.

The project scope involves following units of the refinery:

a) Petrochemical Unit

  • Ethylene unit
  • Polypropylene production
  • Polyethylene Production
  • Low temperature warehouses
  • Energy block

b) Agro unit

c) Energy Services Unit

d) Water management section

As part of the contract, the studies carried out will be reviewed in accordance with ČSN IEC 61882, which further will indicate that recommendations are valid (including the original recommendations issued) or will be updated and supplemented in accordance with changes in the past 5 years.

Further details can be provided on request. Please email at