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Project Info:

Santane was awarded the project to Develop an intrinsic RAM model of the FPSO topsides facility. The objective of the project was to report  calculated availability and provide recommendations for meeting  expected availability. 

To demonstrate that project availability targets are met, this Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Study was performed for FPSO’s topsides facilities. Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) models of the FPSO’s topsides facilities were developed to investigate the main issues which could affect the up-time and availability of these facilities.

The availability calculations were carried out using Availability Workbench, AvSim module, a Monte-Carlo simulation package from Isograph. The AvSim module is powerful system reliability and availability simulator. It is capable of analyzing complex and dependent systems, enabling Santane to optimize the reliability and maintenance strategies. 

Failure data was identified as part of the study to populate the RAM model with the likely failure and repair characteristics of the equipment. Offshore Reliability Data Handbook, OREDA 2009 was used for failure frequency and repair data for components/ equipment.

To assess the effect of spare provisions and the presence of competent personnel onboard FPSO on the overall production availability, a sensitivity case was run in addition to the Base Case.

Base Case:

  • No time delays (logistical delays) were assumed resulting from unavailability of spare parts or due to absence of trained/competent personnel.
  • In addition, no time delays for RAMP up (restart) of the operations were included in this model.

Alternate (Sensitivity) Case:

  • To analyse the impact of logistical delays or RAMP up (restart) delays, an alternate case was prepared using all the system configurations plus the inclusion of logistical and restart delays. For this case, a logistical delay of 8 hours was added to the repair time. This delay (logistical delay) was assumed to result from the unavailability of spare parts or due to the absence of trained/competent personnel.

Client : Owner/operator and EPCI of FPSO Units

Sector : Oil and Gas / FPSO

Service : HSE Engineering Consulting

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