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Project Info

Santane provides Human Factors Engineering Services for both Design Projects as well as for Operational Facilities. Our approach is based on the application of the use of behavioural science knowledge and techniques within the scope of Safety Management Systems. Santane has a team of experts who specialize in human factor engineering including Human Error Assessment, Ergonomics and HF-Screening/ETA/CCR/AMS/SCTA. These are prominently applied in past projects for Refinery and Offshore Marine type facilities.

SANTANE carried out a HF Screening workshop to identify key HF issues / areas for the FSO (floating storage and offloading) The objective of the HF screening was to identify key HF issues/areas for the project. The screening activity helped to identify areas of greatest concern for human factors consideration, based on attributes such as novelty, complexity, criticality & frequency.

The deliverables included:

  • HFE Screening workshop for Culzean FSO at client’s offices.
  • HFE screening report;
  • Equipment Task Analysis for high criticality, high complexity, high
    task frequency equipment; and
  • FSO layout review.

CLIENT : Owner/operator and EPCI of FPSO Units

Sector : Oil and Gas

Service : HSE Engineering Services

Further details can be provided on request. Please email at