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Santane has offered HSE Engineering Consulting for various projects across various sectors (Refineries, Oil Fuel Depots, Gas Distribution Units, Pipelines, Petrochemical Plants, FPSO/FSOs, Offshore wind). 

Recent Projects:

Santane recently completed a 3-year contract for one of the refineries. The work scopes involved various risk assessments, studies and workshops for the refinery’s production and related units. 

The objective was to review the current design of the plant units for its safety and operability and identify and manage the risk throughout the plant lifecycle. The scope included:

  • To identify safety-related hazards and operability problems related to the design/ process that could directly threaten the safety of the personnel or cause operational problems;
  • Allow elimination, substitution, modification, isolation or introduction of engineering controls to reduce the effect of hazards;
  • To determine the severity and probability of the consequences for the identified hazards and operability issues;
  • To identify engineering and procedural safeguards already incorporated into the design that will help reduce the likelihood or the severity of consequences related to the identified problems;
  • To evaluate the adequacy of existing engineering/procedural safeguards; and 
  • To recommend additional safeguards or operational procedures for risk reduction measures, where necessary. 

Services offered included: 

Engineering Design Reviews, HAZOPs, LOPA/SIL Assessments, Incident Investigations, Audits, OBRA, Design Documentation, HAZOP and SIL Training, Consequence Modelling, QRA and FRA.