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Project info:

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) proposes to establish Anayara Integrated Fuel Complex (LCNG Storage and Fueling station) at village Kadakampally, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The proposed LCNG Station will have facilities for LNG Storage and pumping, vaporisers, LNG and CNG dispensing pumps for fuelling. This LCNG station will provide environmentally friendly CNG fuel for motor vehicles. 

The project involved the Design and Construction of LNG Storage & LCNG and Regasification Stations, Pipelines, Booster Compressor Stations, Terminal Stations, PRS and De-compression skids for various geographical sites of the client.

Santane was awarded to conduct various Risk and Safety studies including:

  • Hazardous Area Classification studies

Purpose of Hazardous Area Classification Study  

The purpose of the Hazardous Area Classification Study was

  • To identify the hazardous zones of installation considering potential sources of hydrocarbon release and other relevant factors so that the appropriate type of electrical equipment for control of ignition sources can be specified for use in the installation.
  • Calculation of zoning distances based upon criteria of IEC 60079-10, IP 15 and relevant Standards and guidelines. This includes estimation for each applicable equipment/system the flow rates considering the probability of venting, release rate from dispersion modelling, the average number of release sources, ignition source, ignition probability, probability of occupancy, leak sizes, grades of release, release frequency level including exposure calculation, probability of ignition sources, level of ventilation, etc.
  • Preparing hazardous area classification drawings, marking the hazardous zones on plot plans and also showing elevations as applicable.

CLIENT : Downstream LNG and Gas Logistics Company

Sector : LNG and Gas

Service : HSE Engineering Services