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Project Info:

The prime objective of the analysis was to provide the basis for the development of the design of the hazard control, prevention and mitigation systems and thus aid the design of the FPSO to ALARP risk levels. 

An FPSO modification concept engineering study was completed in which the various incremental FPSO modifications were set out to achieve significant increases in oil, water injection and gas processing capacity were analysed. Based on the feasibility, approvals and other market factors; a decision was taken to carry two (2) FPSO modification cases i.e., (i) Plateau Extension and (ii) Plateau Expansion.

This Fire Risk Analysis Report mainly addressed the fire risks from modifications proposed for full-field development according to the  “Plateau Expansion Case” and at the same time evaluated the overall fire  risk of the FPSO facility.

Client : Owner/operator and EPCI of FPSO Units

Sector : Oil and Gas / FPSO 

Service : HSE Engineering and Consulting

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