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Santane has delivered various projects to manage, control and supervise construction work for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Plants. This includes services like providing specialist ‘Technical Support Personnel’, supervise and direct engineering works, perform all field inspection, plan, manage and supervise the erection, installation, commissioning, testing, and perform various activities required for Engineering Units to “Turnkey” erected facilities.  The services offered were providing overall project management and control and supervise construction work for the project in accordance with the ‘local regulations of the country.


To execute similar projects, Santane establishes an independent project management and monitoring system at the start of the project based on the overall project monitoring strategy and framework of the project. 

This system is established by taking appropriate inputs from the Client’s Project Management team which are further detailed in the Project Execution Plan (PEP). 

SANTANE monitors and manages all key activities of the project and all stakeholders in the execution, generates MIS reports, updates baselines, monitors productivities & efficiencies, carries out gap analysis, and assists Clients in decision making process.

SANTANE independently collects ground data and information, analyses the data with respect to plan vs. achievements, projections & likely forecasts, front generation etc. and carries out predictive analysis to identify potential problems and corrective actions thereof to ensure that the project is on the right track.

SANTANE acts as an extended arm of Client’s Project Management Team and works coherently with other stakeholders including Contractors in order to resolve (any) issues expeditiously.

SANTANE applies suitable digital tools for progress analysis and visualization. Apart from project progress monitoring and control, SANTANE assists Client in Engineering Co-ordination, Desk expediting with the vendors, Quality Assurance and monitoring HSE performance independently.

One of the major roles of SANTANE is to assist in interface management amongst various consultants & contractors, sort out issues and conflicts and highlight key areas of concern to Client in timely manner.

SANTANE provides correct, relevant and timely information and facilitate Client to use such information to assess the cause & effect on the project.

Project Details:

Our recent project was for one of the refineries in Europe. The scope of work included PMC activities of one of their new units.

The scope included:

  • Management of High Near-Term Priorities 
  • Engineering and Coordination Construction 
  • Management Field Inspections (Including QA/QC activities)
  • Procurement and Expediting Services 
  • HSE/Quality Monitoring & Controlling Interface Management
  • Change and Claim Management
  • Risk Management 
  • Contractor Management 
  • Programme Management 
  • Documentation & Project Closeout 
  • Data Management, Information and Control
  • Technology Management- Software and Other Tools

Further details can be provided on request. Please email at