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Santane has recently been awarded - Development of Pipeline and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) for the Powerhouse Units by one of the refineries in Europe.

The P&ID diagrams will be used for designing and operational control and for HAZOP risk assessment of PoHo units and other related process units. The current available diagrams of the individual process units are basic and do not meet the European standards.

The project involves Site Visits in order to collect data and to prepare detailed sketches of all as-built piping and equipment configurations. This service further involves preparation of preliminary set of P&IDs, Draft P&IDs, Red-line mark-ups of the preliminary set of P&IDs, Marked-up P&IDs for the Client review, and then transfer of all approved P&IDs in the client’s system.

The project scope involves more than 400 P&IDs and has to be created using A3 format (according to ISO216) in AutoCAD and Intergraph SPPID database.

The services are delivered and managed by Santane European and UK offices.

Please contact us for further details at