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Santane has been involved in various Decarbonisation projects involving services/studies like:

  • Strategy Review
  • Current Hardware & Software Review
  • Cost & Resource Identification
  • CCS legal and regulatory framework assessment and design
  • Feasibility Studies for CCS
  • Value Engineering
  • CO2 with respect to Price Forecast and Financial Modeling
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies (Dispersion, Fires and Explosion)
  • Risk and Safety Management
  • Regulation and regulatory guidance
  • Layout Study
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics

Project Details:  

Our recent project was for one of the refineries in Europe, where the scope of work was to conduct the feasibility studies for implementing new strategies and technologies for CO2 reduction goals. Santane’s deliverables included:

  1. To provide knowledge and experience from industry and detail potential decarbonisation options and their merit, drawbacks, challenges and impacts.
  2. To provide summarized information on decarbonization directions that are chosen by different oil companies and provide details and reasoning for choosing the respective strategies and directions. In addition, advantages and disadvantages of each decarbonisation strategy/ directions will be listed.
  3. To highlight those decarbonisation projects that are most attractive under the current market conditions from a refinery point of view. 
  4. To provide the projected CO2 price trends up to 2050. The dynamics of the projected CO2 price will be explained in detail, with arguments including global sensitivity analysis.
  5. To analyse and summarize all information submitted and include:
  • Fuel balances;
  • Flue gas and CO2 balance;
  • Electricity balance.

6. To create a list of decarbonization projects.

Further details can be provided on request. Please email at